Hydro-jetting drain clearing services in Orange County

Hydro-jetting service is the most efficient and effective way to clean storm drainage.With the power to cut stubborn roots and the ability to move silt and clay, you will be able to sleep at night knowing that your storm drains are ready for whatever man or mother nature throws its way.

The most common reason to have your drains or sewer line jetted is that a clog has formed in them and no other methods are working to remove that clog. If the clog is too deep to reach with a snake or other mechanical device, drain and sewer jetting is a good alternative to using a traditional chemical compound.

The process is relatively simple, requiring no physical alterations to the pipes, and the clog can be removed quickly and efficiently with a blast of water through the pipe line. While a clog is a good reason to call us, it is not the only reason. We also offer drain and sewer jetting as part of regular maintenance on your drains and sewer line to prevent waste from building up into a clog.

Even well maintained drain pipes develop clogs over time. Substances like hair, soap scum, grease and small bits of food will cling to the sides of pipes and develop a plaque that slows water flow over time. If a larger item is then flushed, a clog can easily occur. Drain and sewer jetting will remove this plaque from the inside of your home’s pipes and prevent a blockage that will damage your pipes. This process can be performed on an annual basis as part of normal plumbing service.

Drain and sewer jetting is highly recommended for homes with older plumbing prone to clogs or those homes with a lot of residents, putting heavy stress on the plumbing system.

Great Park Plumbing offers the hands down best pricing for jetting service. If you intend on shopping around, please keep in mind that most competitors initial charge are for the first two hours. Then you are billed hourly Great Park Plumbing only bills after the third hour because we have determined that three hours is suitable to clear most drain systems. There are several causes for additional time needed, which include broken pipes and other foreign objects. If your home or property requires more than three hours of work we discuss with you why that is prior to reaching the three hour mark. Then you are billed hourly.