Residential Plumbing

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Residential Plumbing Service

Great Park Plumbing provides all your plumbing residential needs.

We can repair or replace garbage disposals, faucets, toilets, water heaters, Water softeners, clogged drains. If your home needs a re-pipe we use the best materials.

We specialize in PEX re-pipes. These differ from the more traditional copper pipes of yesterday. PEX is a durable, versatile, high-density plastic which is quickly becoming America’s favorite re-pipe material. PEX re-pipes require fewer fittings and less labor to install than rigid metal pipes. Because we use the highest quality PEX on the market, our PEX pipes will not corrode, scale, freeze or develop pinhole leaks. Quality varies widely with PEX pipes. We only use the Uponor PEX system which blows away any other PEX product on the market in terms of quality, safety and reliability. These PEX products are manufactured without torches, glues, chemicals or solvents.